Mathematically it is given as Where, I is the current flowing through the diode I0 is the dark saturation current, q is the charge on the electron, V… Noise temp. IZM is the maximum current that can flow through the diode, and PZM is the diode’s maximum power … P = V Z x I R. Where, Vz = Zener Voltage I R = Reverse leakage current. } catch (ignore) { } Diode current equation expresses the relationship between the current flowing through the diode as a function of the voltage applied across it. 8/22/2005 The Junction Diode Forward Bias Equation.doc 2/6 Jim Stiles The Univ. Enter value and click on calculate. Assume It Is A Silicon Diode. ). For this, a plethora of approaches is being utilized including rate equation models [8] [9] [10], travelling wave approaches [11], finite element methods [12] and quantized treatments [13] [14]. $.getScript('/s/js/3/uv.js'); The average output voltage of a full wave rectifier (full bridge rectifier) when the diode resistance is zero is approximately 0.637*AC Input Voltage (max)) or 0.9*AC Input Voltage (RMS). Following equation or formula is used for Tunnel diode calculator. window.jQuery || document.write('