Credit to walt disney and pixar from the movie UP released in 2009 January 1.Me and my sister doing our best to make a dog fly. Coming home past curfew after a wild night out? OK Make My Store × Your nearest store doesn't match your preferred store. Hopefully his owner won’t be too mad and will set him free quickly. Pack your dog’s travel essentials . Unfortunately, his follow through wasn’t great and his fluffalicious fur and rear end are clearly visible to whoever happens to be passing by. Her remorseful face and long nose give her guilty conscience away. 10. Clutter provides a perfect cover for this doggo’s hiding – nobody looks at a crowded book shelf when looking for a hiding pupper, so this doggie’s strategy is super effective. If you have concerns about your dog a trip to the vet is warranted . My Dog is hiding under my sons bed because she is scared of a fly.. This Pomeranian named Boo has the honor of the title “World’s Cutest Dog.” He may be the most sweet and adorable pupper on the planet, but what’s clear is that he’s not great at playing hide and seek. However, the red tabby cat appears to be savvy, and the jig is up for the undercover doggie. “If I can’t see you, then you can’t see me,” thought this pooch. Use something with a very strong, enticing odor like grilled chicken or tuna fish. However, this puppy is clearly a natural, as his hiding technique shows clear inspiration from the famous Dutch oil painting Girl With A Pearl Earring. After all, this dog blends right in, basically becoming one with the carpet. However, this picture shows a rarer species – the Potted Boxer. Octavia9153 . A bush dog hiding behind some branches. “Ugh, mom! Unfortunately, the major contrast between his black fur and the white sofa is instantly noticeable! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Dog Care » Cat Care » ... Home / Learning Center / Fruit Fly Inspection Guide. Unbelievable: Pregnant woman caught having sex with husband in hospital bed. W hen one of my co-workers found out about a tiny, orphaned kitten that needed a home a few months ago, he didn’t hesitate to adopt it. It’s anyone’s guess. Though his soft cheeks appear to be smushed from each side by the sofa cushions, this pupper is holding strong and is defending his living room stronghold. Dog. If your dog only wears a collar when he's out of the house, he'll soon come to understand that having his collar taken off signifies the impending end of his walk or playtime. Jessica, from the UK, hid a positive pregnancy test in a Christmas cracker with a note telling her partner that he was soon to become a father and shared the heartwarming moment on TikTok. Is it spare change and lint? Make the experience even better by following our tips to ensure your pooch's safety and comfort. Dog at the airport (Photo: Adobe Stock) By Kieran Beckles Updated on 18 January 2020. Thanks! He seems to be taking the rules of hide and seek pretty seriously. Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves. edit flag offensive delete link more Add A Comment. In the United States, you’ve got two options, in cabin and as cargo. In favorite chair closely. Rather, he appears to be enjoying life, as we can see by the wide smile on his adorable face. True? What mission this brave spy was trying to carry out in enemy territory remains unknown. Then it flew between the glass door and the screen door, and for some reason this seemed to frighten my dog. Instead of using his paws, he’s using a steel bar for extra coverage – nobody can accuse him of cheating! We’ve all done it – dropped something in between our couch pillows, and realized that our keys/wallet/cell phone have been forever lost to the abyss. Hot cross buns! Apparently, he overheard his owner saying they were going to the vet, and the quick thinking doggo decided to hide in order to avoid the ordeal. How she managed to wedge herself in such a small space isn’t clear – but what’s for sure is that she’s definitely hiding something naughty! Now he's hiding in the corners of my apartment. Jumping into bed and wrapping yourself up in the covers is the best feeling after a long, hard day. Maybe next time this grown-up pupper will find a better place to hide! More information... Pinterest. From the looks of it, this doggo was playing fetch with his owner. Lurking around in the vicinity guarantees you’ll get busted. Young Basenji dog digging pile of sand while searching small rodents hiding inside . Man and woman caught having sex on Vegas High … He poked it with his nose a few times, and seemed curious at first. Piper McCloud is a simple, talkative, home-schooled and creative farm girl who lives in Lowland County. It wasn’t long, though, before the dog owner found his little pup like this — crammed into a tiny crevice next to the pull-out mattress. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle this little ball of fur?! I'm still a puppy as I was born on February13th, 2014 somewhere in Southern US. This Shiba is very ergonomic, like a piece of IKEA furniture, in what appears to be a home office environment. 8. Well, it looks like this adorable husky found a new spot to plant himself. Set before and at the beginning of Harry's first Hogwarts year. Potted plants are standard in our apartments and offices – we see ferns, cacti, and sometimes even fake plastic succulents. But as ordinary as she sounds, she is extraordinary in one way; she can fly. It appears that this pupper wanted to make sure his owner, the photographer, was still safely in the vicinity.

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