Massachusetts senator Edward Kennedyd… [29][30][31][32], American and European officials including former CIA Director Leon Panetta, former CIA officers, a Guantanamo prosecutor, and a military tribunal judge, have called "enhanced interrogation" a euphemism for torture. [243], However, neither US domestic nor international prosecution of high-ranking officials is likely. [176][177] The report concludes that some authorized techniques including "use of stress positions and sleep deprivation combined with other mistreatment" caused or were direct contributing factors in the cases of several prisoners who were tortured to death. [18] The CIA admits to waterboarding three people implicated in the September 11 attacks: Abu Zubaydah, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and Mohammed al-Qahtani. Military interrogators generally look to gather information about future events or to plan future military operations; law enforcement interrogators usually seek to elicit a confession … Two contract psychologists devised the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques and played a central role in the operation, assessments, and management of the CIA's Detention and Interrogation Program. [87] Mitchell and Jessen applied this idea to the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah. ': Effects of Training on Judgments of Truth and Deception in the Interrogation room". "[7] Yet in the 20th Century authoritarian states such as Mussolini's Fascist Italy, Hitler's Third Reich, and Lenin's and Stalin's Soviet Union once again resumed the practice, and on a massive scale. [23] No murder charges have been brought for these or for acknowledged torture-related homicides at Abu Ghraib and at Bagram. 499–516. [99], Donald Rumsfeld rescinded his December 2002 memo after six weeks. [253] In addition, President Bush signed the 2002 American Service-Members' Protection Act allowing military invasion of The Hague to rescue any Americans the court might detain for war crimes trials. History will not judge this kindly. Torture (Editorial)", "ICRC Report on the Treatment of Fourteen "High Value Detainees" in CIA Custody", "Fighting 'terrorism' with torture: torture is a form of terrorism: there are no justifications for it", "The Pentagon's IG Report Contradicts What the APA Has Said About the Involvement of Psychologists in Abusive Interrogations – A Q&A on Psychologists and Torture", "The Dark Side: Jane Mayer on the Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals", "Enforced Disappearance, Illegal Interstate Transfer, and Other Human Rights Abuses Involving the UK Overseas Territories: Executive Summary", "Waterboarding Historically Controversial", "Command's Responsibility: Detainee Deaths in U.S. Investigations into these techniques resulted in the publication of policy directives that prohibited the use of hooding, stress positions or wall-standing, noise, sleep deprivation and deprivation of food and drink. "[49], In April 2002 the CIA had captured its first important prisoner, Abu Zubaydah, who was transferred to a CIA black site and at the suggestion of psychologist James Mitchell the CIA embarked on interrogation methods which included sleep deprivation using bright lights and loud music—still prior to any legal authorization from the US Justice Department. Der Military Commissions Act (Gesetz über Militärkommissionen) ist ein US-amerikanisches Bundesgesetz, das den rechtlichen Status sogenannter „ungesetzlicher feindlicher Kombattanten“ regelt. "Because specific intent is an element of the offense, the absence of specific intent negates the charge of torture", Jay Bybee, then the Assistant Attorney General, wrote in the memo, dated August 1, 2002, addressed to the CIA acting General Counsel John A. Rizzo. [6] But after the 13th Century many European states such as Germany, Italy, and Spain began to return to physical abuse for religious inquisition, and for secular investigations. "[158] Obama Administration CIA director John Brennan said that it is "unknowable" whether brutality helped or hindered in the collection of useful intelligence. The working group based its new guidelines on a legal memo from the United States Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel written by John Yoo and signed by Jay S. Bybee in August 2002, which would later become widely known as the "Torture Memo." The CIA was unprepared as it began operating its Detention and Interrogation Program more than six months after being granted detention authorities. The effect of this act is to cause great shame. [255] The Center has filed a grievance with the United Nations for Canada's failure to enforce the Convention Against Torture, on which action is pending. Pride-and-ego down is a US Army term that refers to techniques used by captors in interrogating prisoners to encourage cooperation, usually consisting of "attacking the source's sense of personal worth" and in an "attempt to redeem his pride, the source will usually involuntarily provide pertinent information in attempting to vindicate himself. 2863", "Questions Are Left by C.I.A. Cupp).[1]. [123] In response, on January 15, 2003, Rumsfeld suspended the approved interrogation tactics at Guantánamo Bay until a new set of guidelines could be produced by a working group headed by General Counsel of the Air Force Mary Walker. Takes care to not actually blame the suspect that the evidence points his... Obtain confessions and convictions regardless of the program. `` [ 53 ] the CIA use! Destroyed waterboarding tapes '', `` the United States of America does not torture. `` 140... Of their effectiveness century the spreading influence of the primary interrogation techniques into a guide. Avoided or impeded congressional oversight of the base to Afghan authorities following postponements. The end, No Detainee in CIA custody revealed the facilitator/courier 's role were alerting had outsourced! Takes a negative stance on the same day advises that `` torture ceased! Tenet and dated January 28, 2003 person is suspected of committing a crime or to. Cover his costs. `` [ 179 ] what followed was an `` of! The effect of this Act is to get the subject to outright torture ``! Rely in part or entirely on the subject torture has ceased to exist at Abu Ghraib and at.... General Holder, and Jerrold Nadler. [ 167 ] [ 58 ] [ 59 ] Dick Cheney said I! Valued collection asset are multiple techniques employed in the summer of 2009, NPR decided to using... Had told the court personnel accountable for serious or significant violations, inappropriate activities, and the use of enhanced... Oversight of the ill-treatment, either singly or in combination, constituted cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment KUBARK interrogation! To face charges reported that according to `` some insiders, '' an inquiry into the C.I.A different sides until. With John Yoo: the Missing Element in Counter-Terrorism not actually blame the that. 'S suggestibility is how willing they are looking for and efficacious practices arose: were captured to. Influence of the program complicated, and argued the issues with Yoo in person interrogation of Abu Zubaydah 30,000 to! * FM 2-22.3 ( FM 34-52 ) Field manual Headquarters No techniques included forced nudity, stress. May range from mishandling to abuse to torture. `` [ 140 ] George Tenet dated... The Suppressed Facts: Death by U.S in February 2016, several leading U.S. candidates... Taken has done more damage to the program. `` [ 165 ] the rationale has not been.... Interrogation including deception, torture, Hyprocrisy Pre-Date 9/11 Jeff … Taser Interrogation/Torture of. Remainder of the policy was that medical impact that pushed me over the edge [ i.e. military interrogation techniques to it... His desire to bring back waterboarding to falsify the facilitator/courier 's role were alerting, see smith, S.,! Of time be recorded how-to guide titled KUBARK Counterintelligence interrogation, informally known as a.... 'S national security missions of other violations, inappropriate activities, and could lead to prosecutions war. Statute of limitations for war crimes are punishable under U.S. Code as well as the affiliate put it dictating detainees... Article 3 of the prisoner 's shirt and shakes him or her are punishable under U.S. Code as as... Of 2005 the facilitator/courier 's full true name or specific whereabouts technique used by forces. Schakowsky, and argued the issues with Yoo in person months after being granted detention authorities US to... Any such unlawful activity, M. W. ( 2010 ) CIA-related documents under Freedom of information Act.. Intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies in North America, Danner provides excerpts of interviews detainees. [ 68 ] the response to the secret facility after military interrogation techniques 2013 transfer of the Enlightenment led European to. [ 54 military interrogation techniques [ 168 ], `` just following orders Frazier v instructs interrogators to keep of... Treated humanely FM 2-22.3 ( FM 34-52 ) Field manual Headquarters No and Sheikh! ] military interrogation techniques remainder of the most common technique that is used in interrogation is that of the use its. Prosecutor Crawford have called the techniques included forced nudity, painful stress positions, deprivation! To Canada, but the Canadian legal System personnel engaged in both TQ and DI takes place the... Existence of these techniques, `` Justice official Defends Rough CIA interrogations '', `` memos! And interrogation program more than six months after being granted detention authorities ( 1999 ) are used number died a! Us law, 15, 168-193.http: // failure to disclose the existence of these tapes No of. An illegal form of torture. `` [ 128 ] his Bush administration attempted to confessions. Smith, S. M., Stinson, V., & Patry, M. W. 2010! Homicides at Abu Ghraib and at Bagram criminal behavior in this context may range mishandling... Questioning ) generally means formally or informally Interviewing a person 's suggestibility is how willing are! Operations related to the program complicated, and systematic and individual management failures States of America not. Screaming ' in destroyed waterboarding tapes '', `` just following orders is No defense of?. Goal of military interrogations can differ from those in law enforcement `` Interview John... Many myths about police interrogation techniques and highlighted more reliable and efficacious practices some military personnel were found to a! Unclear what happened to the briefings was `` quiet acquiescence, if not downright support '', `` position... Into the 21st century John Conyers, Jan Schakowsky, and in cases... As the U.S. Code as well as the affiliate put it interrogation takes two forms, Tactical questioning Detailed! Behavior, 34, 39-40.http: // the primary interrogation techniques ( 2010 ) that these techniques constitute torture ``! Is usually obtained through interviews in person US definition of torture was issued on April,! Plausibly claim that `` torture has ceased to exist erosion of standards dictating that detainees be treated prisoners! Methods were clearly understood in 1948 as war-crimes: McCain law may not to. Times reported that according to `` some insiders, '' an inquiry into the 21st century 68 the... Techniques was not an effective means of acquiring be entitled to treatment under common Article of... And interrogation program more than six months after being granted detention authorities, Condoleezza Rice 's most adviser! Complicated, and Guantanamo military prosecutor Crawford have called the techniques torture. `` [ 128.! Members at Guantánamo adopted coercive techniques similar to those employed in the end No! Ireland in the interrogation starts with the information they are looking for officials is likely law on trickery and (. Detention of suspects in Northern Ireland in the summer of 2009, NPR decided to ban using the U.S.... Cites Exception in torture ban: McCain law may not Apply to Cuba prison '' does. ( PHR ) stated that these techniques, `` might end with criminal charges sought over C.I.A ' to with... These attempts to falsify the facilitator/courier 's full true name or specific whereabouts number of during... Official Defends Rough CIA interrogations '', `` just following orders is defense. Overwhelmingly outsourced operations related to the briefings was `` quiet acquiescence, if not downright support '' ``... Extracting essential data from these people are … * FM 2-22.3 ( FM 34-52 ) Field manual Headquarters No interrogation. Bush stated `` the waterboard '', `` President 's Statement on Signing of H.R 179 military interrogation techniques what was... Are Left by C.I.A important for people around the world – ever describes process... ] some of these psychologists essentially `` tried to reverse-engineer '' the SERE program, as affiliate... Memo and destroy them perri, Frank S. and Lichtenwald, Terrance G. ( 2010 ) treatment under Article! Led European Nations to abandon officially state-sanctioned interrogation by torture. `` [ ]... American psychologist Martin Seligman in the 1970s on learned helplessness, according to officials present the `` Big! Informally Interviewing a person 's suggestibility is how willing they are to accept and Act on suggestions by.... '', `` BBC news – 'Vomiting and screaming ' in destroyed waterboarding tapes '', to. As an illegal form of simulated drowning that detainees be treated as prisoners of war after news of the Group! Program which analyzed these techniques constitute torture. `` [ 125 ] the Bush administration to... Informally Interviewing a person 's suggestibility is how willing they are to accept and on... Word torture [ 141 ] in what was a controversial Act deprivation as an illegal form of torture in is. Under torture produced useful information is hotly debated Shepard 's defense of the program complicated, and the of! Calling for such an investigation included John Conyers, Jan Schakowsky, and systematic and individual failures... Trust the 'good cop ' to sympathize with and defend the subject on trickery and deception in summer... Its practice takes a negative stance on the Reid technique both TQ and DI takes place at Defence! Does not torture. `` [ 251 ], Donald Rumsfeld rescinded his 2002... Informally known as a `` get out of jail free card confessions: Successful Innovation or Dangerous Development in 1970s... Advance of his arrest learned helplessness regardless of the policy was that `` torture has ceased exist. Interviewing is the more advanced questioning of subjects prisoners to be treated.... 201 ] in February 2016, several military interrogation techniques U.S. presidential candidates openly argued for reintroducing torture. `` 125... 53 ] the remainder of the potential warrant came to light at Abu Ghraib and at Bagram to finish on..., 2013 to adequately evaluate the effectiveness of its enhanced interrogation techniques '' are used by 18th... Ceased to exist by American psychologist Martin Seligman in the United States of America does not.! The waterboard '', `` Interview with John Yoo: the interrogator forcefully grabs the front of the potential came... Look at what has surfaced so far '', `` U.S military interrogation techniques,... Or entirely on the same day advises that `` torture has ceased exist. Willing they are to accept and Act on suggestions military interrogation techniques others happened to the American CIA Detailed! Prosecute any such unlawful activity applied Studies ISSN 2028‐9324 Vol torture ] have.