So here we present Chitta Chola Lyrics Meaning in Urdu, English etc. There, a comment explains the meaning of the phrase Nami Daanam better. But very few understand its meaning. (Video and lyrics in Hindi, Urdu, English) YOUTUBE DAILYMOTION ALKA YAGNIK .. Sab ke Jage Hue .... by MukhtarSheikh (LYRICS, TRANSLATION, VIDEO) A marvellous ghazzal of Makhdoom Mohiuddin with adorable lyrics, and a stunning composition by Anu Malik creating magic with the use of Sitaar and Flute for the movie Tammana. It could be heard in Dhoom 3 song Kamli [ meaning ] as well. Urdu Word گورکھ دھندا Meaning in English. But the whole Ost Song is worth to listen, also knowing the exactly perfect lyrics is more good to understand the real melody. Literally translating as you correctly said ‘keep the evil eye away’. Meaning of Lyrics… Use of Saraiki is rare. The poem has been set to music and sung in morning school assembly almost universally in Pakistan, and in Urdu-medium schools in India.. ‘Chashm’ meaning eyes in urdu, ‘bad’ meaning bad and ‘dur’ meaning ‘far’ as in hindi/urdu. The definition of Criminal is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. Rekhta was an earlier form of modern day Urdu. Dasht e Tanhai, one of the most mesmerizing poetry by legend Faiz Ahmed Faiz. The language is extensively used in Bollywood movies and songs, and inevitably brings out the hidden 'shaayar' in all of us. See more ideas about urdu words, urdu words with meaning, words. The phrase is common and is used not only in Urdu but once in a while heard in Urdu-Punjabi filled Bollywood songs as well. brought the Urdu lyrics of … The Song viral lines are ” Mera yeh Bhram tha Mere paas tum ho” is singing every one now days. Don't worry ! Hi, this phrase is in Rekhta (ریختہ). Take a look at this page to find out more Kacha Meanings in English. Here we are providing meaning of Chitta Chola song in English and meaning in Urdu may come soon. Dig the meaning of these words, you will definitely fall in love with Urdu: Aafreen: Find meanings of Urdu words especially used in sher o shayari. It was when the downfall of Mughal Empire was at its peak. "Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua" (Urdu: لب پہ آتی ہے دعا بن کے تمنا میری ‎), also known as "Bachche Ki Dua", is an Urdu language dua, or prayer, in verse form authored by Muhammad Iqbal in 1902. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Criminal but also gives extensive definition in English language. Please type the word in search box to get its meaning. The Empire was in turmoil. Urdu has been so fascinating for non-Urdu speakers since centuries. May 8, 2020 - Explore Saurabh Singh's board "Urdu Words", followed by 1506 people on Pinterest. Presenting the Record breaking Drama Serial Meray Paas Tum Ho Ost Lyrics with Urdu & English Translation . The other similar words are Mushkil Masla, Pareshani, Herani, Uljan, Mama, Uqda, Gorkh Dhanda and Paheli. ‘Chashm’ meaning eyes also is used in many old hindi films ‘chashm-o-chirag’ or ‘noor-e-chashm’ meaning … song lyrics in urdu writing script گانے کے بول urdu songs transliteration new songs 2020 Lyrics Urdu lyrical meaning in urdu translation This is one that ghazal which was sung by many different vocalists including Iqbal Bano, Tina Sani, Abida Parveen and Ali Sethi. The Urdu Word گورکھ دھندا Meaning in English is Unpuzzled. Because mostly Pakistani people speak Urdu.