Read PDF Objective Type Questions And Answers In Computer Networks[CIVIL ENGINEERING] Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 2019 Download the largest collection of free MCQs on English for Competitive Exams. (C) control unit (D) transceiver Sending a packet to all destinations simultaneously is called ………………. (C) Peer-to-Peer (D) None of these (A) Non adaptive algorithms Answer: D, 46. (C) 90 (D) 2000 Answer: B, 81. Answer: C, 75. (A) Physical layer (B) Data link layer (C) splitting traffic over multiple routes These Computer Networks Quiz Objective Questions will helpful to all the candidates to know in-depth about the CN. How many cross points are needed in a single stage switch with 40 inputs and 50 outputs. In open loop congestion control techniques, the decisions are based on the …………… 3.pocket pcs . The method of network routing where every possible path between transmitting and receiving DTE is used is called …………… Answer: A, 85. Answer: A, 87. Answer: C, 5. Link state packets are built in ……………….. Answer: B, 70. can you mail me these ques with ans. Practice Test: Question Set - 01 1. (C) LAN (D) Wi-Fi (A) splitting the traffic over multiple routes This basic computer knowledge section covers many important questions for IBPS PO, SBI and RBI like exams and other similar tests. B. Answer: A, 29. (A) Connection establishment (B) Data transfer do not base their routing decisions on measurements or estimates of the current traffic and topology. Answer: D, 100. In ……………., each packet of a message need not follow the same path from sender to receiver. (C) MAC layer (D) Network layer Answer: D, 9. (C) concept of current state of network A Network uses a star topology if all computers attach to a central point.Computer Networks Question Answers Objective MCQ Free Online Mock Test Computer Networks Latest o madayev xalq og zaki ijodi pdf Technical Question with Answers. (C) Directory Routing (D) Message Switching (C) virtual approach to packet switching (A) distance vector routing (B) short path first Count-to-Infinity problem occurs in ………………… In …………… circuit switching, delivery of data is delayed because data must be stored and retrieved from RAM. (A) Binary countdown (B) Basic bitmap (C) Binary trees (D) Sparse trees Practice these MCQ questions and answers for preparation of various competitive and entrance exams. The service of closed loop congestion control technique is ……………… (A) Binary tree (B) Sparse tree Solved MCQs of Computer Networks in quiz tests for Interviews and screening tests. Answer: C, 69. Structural Analysis Objective Type Questions and Answers - Set 01. Answer: C, 40. (C) Mobile hosts (D) Random hosts A repeater takes a weakened or corrupted signal and …………… it. (B) Routing Information Protocol Computer Networks Objective Type Questions with Answers 1.Which layer is responsible for data translating ... which type of network covers a limited geographic distance such as an office building or a group of building in close proximatly to each other 1.LAN . (C) a virtual approach to packet switching (C) link state routing (D) hierarchical routing Answer: A, 52. Here you are getting a selected list of … (D) for the packet which is not transmitted Answer: B, 4. Could you please share it to my below Email Address. (A) by exchanging information with the neighbours (A) Random early detection (B) Jitter (A) Multicasting (B) Unicasting (D) m pruned spanning trees must be stored for a total of mn trees In link state routing, after the construction of link state packets new routes are computed using ………………… (C) Telecasting (D) Broadcasting Computer Networks MCQ with Answers and PDF Download . Here you can access and discuss Multiple choice questions and answers for … Which type of switching uses the entire capacity of a dedicated link? (A) one station to the next station All of the following are types of PDA's except 1.palms . If the subnet uses virtual circuits internally, routing decisions are made only when a new virtual circuit is being setup. (C) flooding (D) distance vector routing In which routing method do all the routers have a common database? (A) Promiscuous mode (B) Miscues mode Answer: D, 64. (C) message switched (D) None of these (A) Explicit feedback algorithm (B) Implicit feedback algorithm (A) packet-switched (B) circuit-switched Dear Readers, We are sharing PDF compilation of more than fifteen hundreds Computer Objective Questions / MCQs which are enough to prepare computer section for Bank(IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO and SBI Clerk) and SSC(CGL, CHSL, MTS and CPO). (C) Shortest path (D) Link State (C) Selective flooding (D) Early flooding MS Word, is a part of the popular MS Office Package. (A) Same (B) Different (B) only from adjacent routers Having solid background information and a good practice with quality MCQ questions enables you to … (A) only when the network is established Try to learn these Basic Computer Questions yourself and increase your confidence. Answer: C, 24. Why probe packets are transmitted in the network? (A) when to accept new traffic Basic COMPUTER FUNDAMENTAL Objective Questions and Answers pdf Download :: Time out determination policy is used in …………………. (D) Flooding (C) Distance Vector Protocol (A) Routing principle (B) Optimality principle (C) LAN (D) MANET (A) Reverse Path forwarding (B) Multidestination (A) Wide Area Network (B) Mobile Ad hoc Network Professionals, Teachers, Students and Kids Trivia Quizzes to test your knowledge on the subject. Which of the following routing algorithm takes into account the current network load. transmission, the channel capacity is shared by both communicating devices at all times. (C) size of the routers (D) routing table Answer: A, 39. The first collision free protocol is ………………. Answer: A, 71. (A) router changes 1.Which layer is responsible for data translating, 1.End-to-End connectivity is provided from host to host in, In OSI model, which of the following layers transforms information from machine format, Which layer of OSI determines the interface of the system with the user, The OSI model consists of _________ layers, The _________ layer divides the location of synchronization points, The end-to-end delivery of the entire message is the responsibility of the ______ layer, The ______ layer is the layer almost to the transmission medium, In the __________ layer , the data unit is called a frame, Description and encryption of data are the responsibilities of the _______ layers, dialog control is the function of the _____________ layer, mail services and directory services are available to network users through the, Node-to-Node delivery of the data unit is the responsibility of the _____ layers, As the data packets move from the lower to the upper layers, headers are, The ________ layer lies between the network layer and the session layers, When data are transmitted from device A to device B, the headers from A's layer 5, which topology feature is a point-to-point line configuration, In a _________ link , the only traffic is between the two connected devices, In a network with 25 computers which topology would require the most extensive cabling, With respect to the channel access methods in broadband network, which of the following, 1.token passing is a more fair method than CDMA/CD, 2.token passing is stable in binary traffic conditions, 3.CSMA /CD is more stable in heavy traffic conditions, 4.Adding and removing nodes to CSMA /CD Lan its easier than to token passing LAN, 1.slower than telecommunications over public telephone lines, 2.faster than telecommunications over public telephone lines, 3.using twisted pair wiring or coaxial cables, 1.establishes , maintains and terminates virtual circuits, 2.consists of software being run on the computer connected to the network, 3.defines the user's post into the network, devices on the network can communicate with devices on another network via, A distributed network configuration in which all data/ instructions pass through a central, The communication mode that supports two way traffic but only one direction at a time is, the central omputer surrounded by one or more satellite computer is called a, How many pairs of stations can simulenously communicate on ethernet LAN, the communication mode that supports data in both directions at the same time is, 1.sending a file from one computer to anther computer, 2.converting digital sigmals to analog signals, 3.converting analog signals to digital signals, 4.echoing every character that is received, which layer is international standard organization's OSI model responsible for creating and, 1.manufactures disliked the TCP/IP protocol suite, 2.The rate of data transfer was increasing exponentially, 3.standards were needed to allow any two systems to communicate, Ip is responsible for ________ communication while TCP is responible for ___________ communication, In token ring, the token can be removed by, who strips the data frame from the token ring network, 2.the first station which wants to transmit next, 4.the station next to the destional station, match list I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists, List I List II, P: Data link layer 1.Ensures reliable transport of data over a physical point to point link, Q: Network layer 2.Encodes/Decodes data for physical transmission, R: Transport layer 3.Allows end-to-end communication between two processors, 4.routes data from one network to the next, the physical layer is concerned with the transmission of ________ over the physical medium, computers in a LAN can be interconnected by radio and infrared technolgies with, A device that links two homogenious packet-broadcast local network is, Distributed queue dual bus is a standard for, The teleprocessing system may consists of, which layer of OSI determines the interface of the system with the user, Which of the following statements is correct, 1.protocols converters are the same as multiplexers, 2.protocol converters are the same as TDMs, 3.protocol converters are usually not operated in pairs, 4.protocol converters are usually operated in pairs, 1.agreements on how communication components are DTE's are to communicate, 2.logical communication channels used for transferring data, 3.physical communications channels used for transferring data, Which of the following is wrong example of a network layer, 3.source routing and domain naming USENET, 1.the number of bits transmitted per unit time, 2.the number of bytes transmitted per unit time, Frame relay requires error checking at the _________ layer, which of the following layer protocol are responsible for user and the applicaiton programme, support such as passwords , resource sharing file transfer and network management, 1.aggrements on how communication components and DTE's are to communicate, 3.physical communication channels used for transfering data, In broadcast network, a layer that is often thin or non-existent is, For pure ALOHA , the maximum channel utilization is, The network that requires human intervention to route signal is called a, 1.transmission of signals without modulation, 2.a signal all of whose energy is contained within a finite frequency range, 3.the simultenous transmission of data to a number of stations, Which of the following has the smallest default maximum physical receive packet size, the frame relay committed information rate represents, 1.does not require global time synchronization, 2.does required global time synchronization, which of the following is not a class of LAN, different computers are connected to a LAN by a cable and, In the carrier sense network, if the prevailling condition is a channel busy then, 1.non-persistent, then it results in randomized wait and sense, 2.I-persistent, then the channel is continually sensed, 3.P-persistent , then randomized retransmission is done, In a client / server networking environment the processing, 2.of requests by the client is handled by the server, What is the maximum size of data that the application layer can pass on the TCP layer below, the parameter which gives the probability of the transport layer itself spontaneously, terminating a connection due to internal problem is called, The division of a message into segments is a function of the, Which layer deals with file system, transfer, vertical terminates implementation and interprocess, In token ring, the tokens can be removed by, who strips the data frame the token ring network, 4.The station next to the destination station, The data communication support should include but is not restricted to, 2.file transfer and transaction processing, 3.terminal support electronic mail and voice grames, A decrease in a magnitude of current, voltage, a power of a signal in transmission between paints, is known as, 1.a method of determining which device access to the transmission medium at any time, 2.a very common bit-oriented data link protocol issued by ISO, 3.a method access control technique for multiple access transmission media, access standard for connecting stations to a circuit switched network, which of the following network access standard is used for connecting stations to a packet switched network, Which of the commonly used unit for measuring the speed of data transmission, which of the following might be used by company to satisfy its growing communication speeds, A distributed data processing configuration in which all activities must pass, through a centrally located computer is called a, A communication device that combines transmission from several I/O devices into, to make possible the efficient online servicing of many teleprocessing systems users on, large computer systems , designers are developing, which of the following is not a major capability of information systems, 1.provide high speed low volume numerical computation, 4.enable communication and collabration any where any time, which type of network covers a limited geographic distance such as an office building or a group of, building in close proximatly to each other, All of the following are types of PDA's except, which of the following can be shared in a peer-to-peer network, A computer network is two or more connected computers that share, the speed of a DSL line varies based on which of the following factors, which of the following is not an advantage of DLS, 4.can talk and be online at the same time, Hand -held wireless devices such as TDAs may be used to access the internet over, wireless networks which of the following operating systems are not used in these devices, which network consists of one or more computers providing services to other computers, which of the following describes a set of rules used by every computer to, A local area network using wireless technology is termed a, which of the following is measured in kbps , mbps and gbps, which of the following networks uses software to establish a secure channel on the iternet, All of the following are basic principle of networks, except, 1.only one computer must have a network card, 2.there must be communications media connecting the network hardware devices, 3.several computer must have a network card, A(n) _____ consists of two or more computers connected so that they can communicate with each other, and shared information software, pheripheral devices and or processing power, A(n)_______ is a network in which a small number of computers share hardware , software, ________ is a high speed interval connection , using phone lines which allows you to, use yout phone for voice communication of the same time, The physical layer in the reference to the OSI model defines, link procedures that provide for the exchange of data via frames that can be sent and received, 2.the interface between x.25 network and packet node device, 3.the virtual interface to packet switched services, which out the following is not the principle of ISDN, of voice and non-voice application, of switched and non-switched applications, layered protocols which of the offer following advantages, 1.It breaks the design problem into more manageable and smaller pieces, 2.It allows protects to be changed without affecting higher or lower ones, which data communication method is used to send data over a serial communication line, what is the main difference between synchronus and asynchronus transmission, 3.the clocking is derived from the data in synchronous transmission, 4.the clocking is mixed with the data in synchronus transmission, The transfer of data from a CPU to pheripheral devices of a computer is achieved through, 3.does not recognize begining and end of data unit, Which of the following are sub layers of data link layer, 1.logical link control, data link control, 3.physical layer control, data line control, access control, logical link control, maximum data rate of channel of 3000 Hz bandwidth and S/N ratio of 30 DB is, A voice grade telephone line carries a continuous electromagnetic signals ranging between 3300 Hz, what is the channel capacity if the signal to raise ratio is 30 dB, 1.It is the network layer address, of a NIC , that can not be modified, 2.It is the network layer address of a NIC that can be modified, 3.It is the data link layer address of a NIC that can not be modified, 4.It is the data link layer address of a NIC, that can be modified, which of the following are the tasks performed by data link layer, The _________ resources the number of lost or garbled messages as a fraction of the total, 4.connection establishment failure probability, The file transfer protocol (FTP) requires a reliable transport service. 100. (D) message switching (C) n pruned spanning trees must be stored for a total of n trees (B) Adaptive algorithms (B) making sure that subnet will allow more than the offered packets (A) short path first (B) distance vector routing (C) virtual approach to packet switching (C) with regard to the choice of the host There are a multitude of network types in computing. But the concept of HTML is required for creating dynamic pages too. Short Question Answer From Computer Network. The solution to decrease the load on the network when congestion occurs is …………….. What is the date when Babbage conceived Analytical engine A) 1642 B) 1837 C) 1880 D) 1850. Answer: C, 67. (A) preferred input line , estimated time Answer: C, 73. Following are some of the objective questions related to Computer Network in Hindi.